Monday, 3 August 2015


Hi Everyone: 
Medals are shipping tmrw if u ordered in July! I did get some out early July before I got sick! I was sick for two weeks in and out of the hospital so I am sorry for the delay!! Hopefully they arrive soon as I was able to make and package them today!! 

Happy Running ! 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Current Bling

  Welcome to FUNd Run 4 Bling !!
These are current blings that I have on hand and can ship out immediately to you!!
Simply choose:
Your medal
Your month
Your distance and
Add to cart !!

Medals are $20 each.
Proceeds to Team Diabetes!!

Races available are:
Race Pace - Turtle
My Other Shoes are Runners - Flip flops
Will Run 4 Wine
Watermelon Crawl -  Ant
Dashing Diva 
Life is a Beach
2015 Resolution Run - Glow in the dark
Reindeer Run
Haunted Halloween Run
Canadians Register here:

Month 2015
USA/International Register here:

Month 2015

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Triple Challenge

Are you up for a challenge in 2015 ?!
Now you can enter the triple challenge! After you complete the 3rd race - you will receive the 4th challenge medal FREE :)
Register now !!
** You must register as the challenge to get the 4th medal free - registering for each event separately won't count**
April - Suck it Up Buttercup   (medal shipping early April)
July - Dashing Diva (medal shipping mid July)
October/November - Turkey Trot (medal shipping in October)
* Challenge medal - shipping in October
 Limited to 75 spots.
Proceeds are going to Team Diabetes!!
* you can register for each race individually but will not count for the challenge*

Monday, 23 February 2015

From Jim

A message from Jim:
Last night I completed the Love 2 Run 5K event for this month!  I am already looking forward to getting this medal in the mail (cool looking medal).  Thank you for another great 5K month, and for helping me stay healthier too!  Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Heart Month!
Jim S. (from the U.S.A.)
Have a story you'd like to share too?! 
Message me !!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Feb update!

Feb medals r on the way! They should be here when I get back from vacation! They will ship ASAP once I'm back on the 18th! There is 12 feb medals left and 50% left for march!! Feel free to register and share :). If u have any questions or anything leave a comment here and I will check when I get back incase I don't have internet! Happy running!!!  

Thursday, 22 January 2015

2015 Birthday Medals!

Finally here!! 
Shipping tonight :) 
U can still register for $25. 
Proceeds to Team Diabetes!! 
Choose ur birthday month and ur color: red, pink or purple !! 
Register under the birthday tab!