Welcome to FUNd Run 4 Bling.

Here you will have the opportunity to register for Virtual Runs and earn extra running BLING.
 Virtual runs are perfect if you: 
 - have a hole in your race schedule
 - want to earn extra bling for a training run
 or perhaps there just aren’t many races near you (with medals)! 

The bonus is that you will also be helping support great charities as well. 

What is a virtual run?
 A virtual run doesn’t mean you don’t have to run.  It means there is no organized run and people all over the world can register!
  You run or walk: 
-  where you live
- at the time you want
-on the day you want

Once you are done you can post your  “I did It” comment on our  facebook group. You can even submit any pictures you get!!

Where do you run?
 Anywhere in the World -you can run your favourite route or try somewhere new!

When do you run?
Each run is scheduled for a month. You can run anyday in that month!  

If you are registered by the first of the month your bling will be sent out for that month on the 1st. Registration will be open for the month though and will be sent out every Saturday after that.  If bling sells out- registration will close.  Bling takes about 1-2 weeks to arrive. Bling is being shipped from Canada!

Proceeds will be going to different charities at different times! Charities include Team Diabetes and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Other charities have been Autism Speaks, Lazarex Cancer Foundation and My Brighter Tomorrow.
Can I get a Tax Receipt?
No tax receipts are given :(  Sorry.  I have to submit the funds as a lump sum event instead of individual payments because the full amount is not donated - the cost for medals and shipping is deducted and the exact amount varies from month to month depending on the number registrations.
How can I get a customized bib?
Bibs will be posted on the FB group under the photos section. They are posted on the 1st of the month. You can save the picture and add your name. You can either use it digitally in a collage or print it to wear or keep for a keepsake!

What if my kids want to participate?
Some months there will be an option for a kids run!

Where do you ship?I am currently shipping everywhere. There is no additional cost for international shipping at this point!

What if we have a group of runners?
If you and your friends would like to sign up as a group - Please email me for specials.
Minimum group is 10 participants :)  You can earn your registration free if you organize a group of 10 or more!!! Perfect for running clubs! 

** if you have any questions, feel free to contact the race director @ sandrasofalvi@hotmail.com